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Case Study of Successful Skating Rink Repair-Ghaziabad Club

Ghaziabad Sports Club


Skating Rink of Ghaziabad Sports Club has been under threat recently. There have been a lot of people using this area for skating so these factors combined with the hot weather conditions prevailing in Ghaziabad have caused some damage on its surface due to dustiness which led to cracking up or becoming rough at certain places thereby reducing their quality where they were once smooth making them dangerous for use too. So, they needed skating rink repair solutions.

Pacecourt Solution

Ghaziabad Sports Club is the most famous sports facility. They were seeking a durable and effective solution, Deepak Mehta reached out to Pacecourt for their expertise. After a thorough assessment, Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product, known for its high performance in repairing and smoothing sports surfaces, especially in challenging climates like that of Ghaziabad. Following Pacecourt's detailed instructions, the club's maintenance team tried to bring transformation to the rink. They meticulously filled in the cracks and smoothed the surface using the Deep Patch, which was ideally suited for the local environmental conditions, ensuring a durable and smooth finish.


The renovation improved the rink's condition. The surface became smooth and even, greatly enhancing the safety and enjoyment of the skaters. The club experienced a renewed interest in skating activities, with positive feedback from members and visitors.

Client's Feedback

Deepak Mehta was extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the Pacecourt Deep Patch. He appreciated the product's ability to withstand the harsh Ghaziabad climate and its contribution to improving the overall quality and safety of the skating rink.

Final Remark

This case study demonstrates Pacecourt's capability to deliver customized and effective solutions for skating rink repair in a variety of environmental conditions. The successful refurbishment of the skating rink at Ghaziabad Sports Club, managed by Deepak Mehta, underscores the versatility and efficacy of Pacecourt's Deep Patch, proving it to be an ideal choice for maintaining high-quality sports facilities. Contact us to avail of the best services.

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