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Impact of Crack Filler Solution On Skating Rink, Bangalore

Crack Filler


Skating Rink in Bangalore was highly frequented by skating enthusiasts and professionals. Due to which it was showing signs of wear and tear. Prolonged usage and exposure to Bangalore's fluctuating weather conditions had caused the surface to crack and become uneven, compromising safety and the quality of the skating experience. They required Crack Filler Services to make the experience smooth and optimal.

Pacecourt Solution

Rohit Aggarwal sought a durable and effective solution to address these challenges and chose Pacecourt for their expertise in sports surface refurbishment. Pacecourt recommended their Deep Patch product, specifically formulated for repairing and leveling sports surfaces under various environmental conditions. Pacecourt's team provided comprehensive instructions for the application of the Deep Patch. Rohit Aggarwal's maintenance staff undertook the task, focusing on filling the cracks and smoothing the surface to ensure an optimal skating experience. The Crack Filler product by Pacecourt was particularly suitable for the Bangalore climate, offering long-lasting durability.


The application of the Deep Patch transformed the skating rink. The surface became smooth and even, greatly enhancing both the safety and performance of skaters. The rink regained its popularity, with an increase in visitors and positive feedback from the skating community.

Client's Feedback

Rohit Aggarwal expressed his satisfaction with the effectiveness of the Pacecourt Deep Patch. He was impressed with how well the product adapted to the specific needs of a skating rink and its ability to withstand the local climate, ensuring a high-quality skating surface.

Final Remarks

This case study demonstrates Pacecourt's ability to deliver specialized solutions for diverse sports surface repairs, including skating rinks. The successful refurbishment of Rohit Aggarwal's skating rink in Bangalore, India, highlights the versatility and efficiency of Pacecourt's Deep Patch, making it an ideal choice for maintaining high-quality sports facilities in varying climates. Contact us if you wish to bring a transformation. Our Crack Filler product is certified. We have experts who meticulously apply them to make a difference in your court.

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