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How to Repair Court Cracks

Say No to Cracks

If you have cracks on your court or are afraid of having cracks after building a court and want a solution, you've come to the correct spot; this article will teach you the main concern of repairing cracked concrete floors. People feel frustrated by the fact that they invest money to make an excellent court, but after a few times, cracks in concrete floor appear, and this significantly disappoints them. Today, all over the world where courts have been made, the majority of people have problems with court cracking. The first thing that crosses my mind is, "If my court has cracks, what will the solution be to fill that crack?" Then Pacecourt found a solution for repairing a concrete floor. This seems to be the biggest concern, but what if Pacecourt provided a permanent solution so that no one would experience the same issues in the future? 

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Say No To Cracks 

Do concrete floors crack? Say no to cracks, but how? Having cracks on your court is quite frequent, but did you know that Pacecourt has developed a special and highly effective product called Crack Tex? In India, the majority of people have tennis courts, and some also have basketball or volleyball courts. Are you familiar with Crack Tex? No? Let me explain its functioning and effectiveness.  

What is Crack Tex?

Crack Tex is a product that will only solve the problem with broken concrete floor bases. If you use Crack Tex, there is no danger that your court will crack, as Pacecourt provides a three-year warranty for cracks caused by using Crack Tex as directed. This article will offer you enough information about broken floors that you will be so aware of the situation in the future that you will never experience it again. Pacecourt's primary concern is to respond to their customer's inquiries and provide a solution to all court-related concerns. There are other reasons for cracks, which we will cover in detail, But first, consider two possibilities. 

 I'll now provide you with answers to two cases. 

There are two scenarios.

  • The customer plans to build a court and is concerned about forthcoming circumstances. They want to be confident that cracks will not be a problem. 
  • The customer already has a court and is experiencing cracks; they want a solution, but there is no accurate and good solution available.

Okay, you must have at least one of these, right? As you can see in the first example, a client wants to build a court and is worried that there might be cracks in the future and have to do repairing cracked concrete floors. Pacecourt is concerned that everyone who wants to build a court must have knowledge of the internal workings to be aware of it and never feel discouraged about running into issues in the future. Let us discuss step by step how to use the material correctly, If  you have a base to build a court then you have to use;

Pacecourt Primer 

Acrylic Concrete Pacecourt Primer has a water-based formula that can used to increase the adhesion of an acrylic coating to concrete surfaces. In simple terms, as you can see, there is a minor pitch, and once the primer has applied, the base will appear plain. That is why Pacecourt acrylic concrete primer designed for interior surfaces. 

Crack Tex 

As I mentioned above, Pacecourt Crack Tex is our most popular product. You must use Crack Tex after Primer to avoid problems in the future. Apply Crack Tex all over your court to deal with cracks. You won't need to worry about that because Pacecourt offers a three-year warranty that your court won't cracked if you use Crack Tex. 


Pacecourt resurfacer plays the most important role while building a court; if the base has both small and large holes, the primer will fill in the smaller ones while the resurfacer will fill in the larger ones and level the base. Using a Pacecourt resurfacer will fill the large gaps and make the surface smooth. 


By reducing shock to the lower extremities, the cushion coat is a resilient, multi-layered application designed to provide players with more comfort and a more comfortable playing experience. After Applying Resurfacer the next step is to apply a cushion for a better playing experience, 


Pacecourt colors are available in seven different colors: dark blue, royal blue, gray, grass green, dark green, light blue, red, and other colors will be available upon request. If you are unsure about which color to choose, visit our website, Pacecourt, and look at different images to help you decide. 

This is the fundamental information and knowledge that every person who wishes to construct a court must possess. And if you want this above phrase to defined in depth as to how it applies and what its procedure is, then visit the Pacecourt Blog to get answers to all of your queries.

In the second situation, a customer already has a court and is having cracks, and they want to know the cure and the reason for the cracks in their court.

The problem is that you constructed a court without using Pacecourt Crack Tex, which is why your court has cracks. There must be numerous causes for your court to have cracks, but there are two key reasons we will now examine. 

One, a concrete base was present, and you added bitumen to it

Two, you broke the concrete base and used the shattered stones to construct a bitumen base. 

If you have used any one of them, then it can be a reason for cracks, and if not, then there must be another reason, like not having proper curing, grass or stones being there while conducting a court, or even sunlight causing cracks. To avoid all this, it's better to use Pacecourt Crack Tex. 


After building a court then cracks occur, rebuild a full court is not a solution but you must follow the procedure accordingly 

I have the greatest answer for your problem, which aids in repairing cracked concrete floors. You must cut only the area where the cracks appear; you must not damage the base.

Take note that you must cut the acrylic area where the crack occurs.

Let me tell you how to utilize that. 

  • Start the application process by applying Pacecout Primer to the concrete base. 
  • Then utilize pacecourt's new offering Crack tex on the concrete base cracks. 
  • After that immediately use Pacecout Resurfacer, and other color layers to build a court & also to avoid cracks 

Note: There is no need to use a cushion again. In short, cut the area where the crack occurs, use Primer, Pacecourt Crack Tex, then immediately Resurfacer, and at last Color. 

Due to the 3-year guarantee, we offer for each of our products, you won't experience any issues in the future. For more details or any inquiries, you can directly call 7290036612.

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