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Pickleball Court- A Comprehensive Way to Determine Cost

Cost of Pickleball Court

Pickleball Court creation has been in the news due to rising tournaments and growing demand for the sport. The entertaining quotient of the game makes it more worthwhile and avid players are constantly looking out for more courts to stay fit. But do you know how much a pickleball court costs and what are determining features that impact the cost? Let’s embark on the journey.

How much does it cost to build a pickleball court?

On an average, a pickleball court construction might cost depending on the installer. However, several factors impact the construction cost.  So, before you sign an agreement with the contractor, consider a few things in mind.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

The cost to build pickleball court depends on the correct dimensions, so you need to verify if there is enough space on the property to build a court. For example, USA pickleball court dimensions are 30 x 60 feet. However, the recommended height is 34 x 64 feet. The bigger the area increases the cost but it also improves the playability experience and ensures that the court net is set up correctly. 

Labour and Equipment Cost

The cost to build a court also depends on the contractor. It is essential to locate a contractor with an extensive reputation and high quality.  A low-quality contractor would disdain your image and none would like to be your sponsor. 

Cost Inclusive/ Exclusive

The cost to install a court also depends on what are the inclusive costs like if the contractor provides you with site clearing,  sun glare, UV-protected court, installation and grading services; the cost would be more than a standard cost construction service.

Whether you need a portable or a permanent court

Depending on whether you require a portable or permanent cost of court, will vary. Many court construction project owners spend a little more money to get a permanent court because it improves their reputation and attracts many players.


Before signing a dotted agreement with the contractor, ensure what all accessories are part of the court, like fencing, and lighting for night play, and accessories like bleachers, blackboard, and paints would cost a bit more than average.


Pickleball court cost is also impacted by the materials used in the construction.  For example, synthetic acrylic court is softer. It comes with shock absorbent properties and does not cause fatigue to the players. Also, they offer unparalleled durability, can stand resilient against changing weather conditions, heavy usage and does not come with significant wear and tear cost.

Maintenance Involved in Building Pickle Court

No matter how much you spend, your pickleball court needs to be maintained and resurfaced. A synthetic material by Pacecourt is an ideal way to protect your investment. They have different products through which they will fill the cracks and make the surface smooth.

These are some factors to consider before installing a pickleball court.


Whether you aim to build a backyard pickleball court or court or create it on the ground; the cost remains an integral part. These are some factors that can escalate the court cost or lower it down. To get the fair price court construction and material estimates; connect with Pacecourt.

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