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Cushioned Hard Court Upgrade At Blue Waves Academy

Optimizing Volleyball court


Blue Waves Volleyball Academy, a leading volleyball training center in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, had concrete volleyball courts. These courts were causing player discomfort, especially impacting their lower extremities due to the hard playing surface. This discomfort hindered the players' performance during training and matches, leading to concerns about player satisfaction and injury risks. They needed a Cushioned hard court to enhance the player's performance.

Pacecourt Solution:

To address these concerns and provide a better playing experience, Priyanka Reddy, the owner of Blue Waves Volleyball Academy, decided to explore solutions. They contacted Pacecourt. Our experts recommended the Cushion Coat system, known for its ability to reduce shock and enhance player comfort, as an ideal solution for the academy's concrete courts. The maintenance team at Blue Waves Volleyball Academy carefully followed Pacecourt's application guidelines. They prepared the concrete courts and applied the Cushion Coat system, ensuring that each layer was applied evenly to create a consistent and effective playing surface.


The installation of the Cushion Coat system significantly improved the comfort and playability of the volleyball courts. Players reported reduced fatigue and discomfort, resulting in longer and more productive practice sessions. The courts also received positive feedback for their improved appearance and playing quality.

Client Feedback:

Priyanka Reddy was delighted with the transformation and noted the increased enthusiasm among players. The Cushion Coat system's impact on player satisfaction, comfort, and performance was evident, making it a valuable addition to the academy's facilities.


This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Cushion Coat in optimizing volleyball court surfaces, particularly in terms of player comfort and performance. The successful implementation of a cushioned hard court at Blue Waves Volleyball Academy in Hyderabad demonstrates the product's ability to create a more comfortable and enjoyable playing environment for athletes of all levels. Rеmеmbеr, whеn optimizing a vollеyball court, it is crucial to consider factors like surfacе matеrials, dimеnsions, lighting, and maintеnancе. Invеsting in thеsе aspеcts contributеs to maximizing pеrformancе, safety, and playеr satisfaction.

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