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Cushioned Surface Enhancement At Sunrise Volleyball Club

Transforming volleyball court

Sunrise Volleyball Club, a prominent volleyball club in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, constructed a court from concrete. The court was causing discomfort and fatigue among players due to the hard playing surface; also it was affecting player performance and limiting the duration of practice and matches. They needed a cushioned surface for their hard court.

Pacecourt Solution:

Seeking to improve the playing experience for club members, Sangeetha Nair turned to Pacecourt for a solution. Pacecourt recommended their Cushion Coat system, a multi-layered application designed to absorb shock. It also provide added comfort to players on hard court surfaces, making it ideal for concrete volleyball courts.

The maintenance team at Sunrise Volleyball Club meticulously followed Pacecourt's application guidelines. They prepared the concrete courts and applied the Cushion Coat system, ensuring each layer was evenly distributed to create a consistent and effective playing surface.


The installation of the Cushion Coat system significantly improved the comfort and playability of the volleyball courts. Players experienced reduced fatigue and discomfort, allowing for longer and more enjoyable play. The courts also benefited aesthetically, appearing more professional and well-maintained.


Sangeetha Nair was extremely satisfied with the results, noting an increase in player satisfaction and performance. She observed that the Cushion Coat system had an enhanced impact on extending practice sessions and improving the overall playing experience at the club.

Final Remarks:

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Pacecourt Cushion Coat in Transforming Volleyball Court surfaces to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable playing environment. The successful application at Sunrise Volleyball Club in Chennai demonstrates the product's suitability for sports facilities aiming to improve player comfort and court quality. Our cushion coat acts as an adhesive and protects the sports court floor surface from damage. It is versatile and can be applied on multipurpose sports court. Contact us to get the desired solution for your sports court.

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